The sunset is really fine, but stars are more beautiful yet
Some people say, "Traditional aboriginal culture has already begun to fade away. Aborigines are like the setting sun; peoples of the twilight about to go under." Aboriginal people have been rooted in the soil of Taiwan for thousands of years. Amidst the feverish changes of countless generations, aborigines have acquired the double nature of "floating along with the waves"and "doing one's best to stem violent disturbances."They are like a ship tossed about between the crests and troughs of the ocean waves. The only thing they can choose, or be forced to choose, is not a choice between crest or wave; it is to stabilize the boat and keep moving forward. Tribes forever: Donghua University has established the nation's first Aboriginal School of Ethnology, dedicated to the future development of the people for whom "the sunset is really fine, but stars are more beautiful yet." We will no longer dwell on the fate of a fading people for whom "the sunset is really fine, yet twilight is approaching. Instead....reflect on the future development of a people for whom "the sunset is really fine, but the stars are more beautiful yet."
A Movable Feast in the Valleys of the East
-- National Donghua University
Amidst the enchanted mountains Diverse, yet simple, ethnic groups dance together. In 1994, on the banks of the Hualien River Donghua University settled down naturally and expanded, Cultivating scholarship and the growth of culture, Hoping to develop together in glory, and then grew up to the heights of international scholarship and highereducation. An Egret Takes Off From the Plains: the Aboriginal School of Ethnology Takes Flight