Department of Ethnic Language and Communications

Students are required to take a total of 135 credits, including 45 credits of general education courses, 43 credits of required courses in the major, and 47 credits of elective courses in the major.

This department is intended to meet the needs of aborigines and train professionals needed for the preservation of, and development of communications in aboriginal languages. The guiding principles and special characteristics of the curriculum are to combine theory and practice, making this department become the cradle for training a basic corps of talents in aboriginal language and communications.

The focus of the department's curriculum is on increasing the students' ability in istening, writing, and speaking aboriginal languages, as well as ability in use of communications media. Through complete educational training, it will give students general abilities in research on the preservation and communication of aboriginal languages; as well as planning, practical and applied use. It will also accomodate the plans of local aboriginal educational professionals to return to their communities, provide students with more diverse curriculum and advising. It is hoped that most of the graduate students will choose to return to service in their home communities, to acheive the goals of preserving and transmitting tribal cultures.